Guaranteed Success in Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer Exam

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The Salesforce certified development lifecycle and deployment design certificate are designed for professionals who have the requisite skills and experience at managing lightning platform development and deployment activities and effectively giving technical solutions to business and technical stakeholders. The Salesforce Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer certification exam focuses on understanding development methodologies. You can successfully complete the Development and deployment designer by getting guidelines. Salesforce highly recommended the job-experience, self-study, and course attendance for passing the exam.

What Are the Requirements of Appearing This Exam?

The development life-cycle and deployment designer has experience of analyzing the environments and requirements to design an appropriate governance framework and management of deployment and development lifecycle on the lightning platform. The Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer usually has the following experience:

  • BS Degree in computer science
  • Two years’ experience in Salesforce platform
  • Managing salesforce projects
  • One to two years of experience in the steering committee

What Skill-set a candidate can get by development life-cycle and deployment designer?

A development life-cycle and deployment designer has the following skill-set:

  • Communicate development methodologies
  • Provide development methodologies
  • Ensure governance through change management
  • Develop effective deployment strategies
  • Explain the characteristics of matadata API

What Kind Of Jobs A Candidate Can Get?

A candidate bypassing development life-cycle and deployment designer exam can apply for following job roles:

  • Project manager
  • Developer lead
  • Technical lead
  • Environment manager
  • Release manager
  • Technical Architect
  • Testers

How Can I Prepare for the Salesforce Development life-cycle and deployment designer?

You can prepare the exam with a combination of hands-on experience, training course completion, and self-study in the areas listed in the exam. If you want to enroll the instructor-led-training goes to the official website and click help & training. You can get online classes by the online trainer. You can download development life-cycle and deployment designer exam pdf dumps. It will give you a proper platform to learn things.

Exam Outline:

  • Environments
  • Application life-cycle management
  • Governance
  • Testing

What Are The Future Benefits Of This Exam?

You can get almost the maximum benefit of finding a good job. It will give you the best rising career and professional experience. Each exam has a study guide and resource platform that will fulfill your needs for preparation. Get the latest exam dumps to get future benefits. Once you pass the exam it will give the best future benefits.


Salesforce development life-cycle and deployment designer skills are made for those who want to plaster their skills at managing lightning platform development. The purpose of this exam is to prepare you for these skills professionally so that you can add it to your resume. Are you a Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer then share your experience and also your earnings to help other people. This platform will prefer you and give you extraordinary jobs. The candidate can manage the development and deployment strategies.

This exam will give you many benefits as you can read the above article. How you can take the exam and what preparation materials you can gather? All these answers are above listed. Get ready for a new certification that will flourish your future.

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