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CRT-402 Salesforce app builder exam is created to help evaluate candidates to successfully pass the salesforce app builder certification exam. Salesforce platform app builder is created for candidates who want to demonstrate their skills in designing, building, and deploying custom applications using the capabilities of the lightning platform. The candidates are required to manage, create, and update application security, data models, logic, business, and process automation. The CRT-402 exam is also known as the Salesforce app builder exam.

Who Can Take Salesforce CRT-402 Exam?

Candidates planning to take the CRT-402 exam must have 6 months to 1-year experience building applications on the lightning platform and on a similar technology platform. The Salesforce app builder has the following knowledge and skills:

  • Know-how of the capabilities of the lightning platform
  • Awareness of salesforce license types
  • Ability to design applications to support businesses
  • Know-how of the applications of mobile and social capabilities of the platform
  • Know-how of the Salesforce development environments
  • Study of the resources

What Is The Structure Of A Course CRT-402 Exam?

Salesforce App builder exam covers the following percentage of the exam topics:

  • Fundamentals Salesforce 8%
  • Management and data modeling 20%
  • Security 10%
  • Process Automation and Business logic 27%
  • Social topic 3%
  • Interface for user 14%
  • Reporting and mobile 5%
  • Development of app 8%

What Is Lightning App builder In the CRT-402 Exam?

The lightning app platform may help you build the apps that will directly connect you with the builders, customers, and track the performance. It is a tool that adds-up services like force and lightning that boost the speed and can also bios and android apps. It can easily create and customize pages for Salesforce mobile app.

What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce Exam?

CRT-402 dumps PDF and CRT-402 Testing Engine helps you get advanced knowledge in understanding the Salesforce platform with maintaining sales and develop good customers relation. This certification exam will help you get updated with the cloud platform in regards to applications and fields. You will be hired for a good job.

Benefits Of Salesforce Administration Exam:

It is not necessary to clear any exam before taking the salesforce exam. But if you pass the salesforce administrator exam it will be recommended for you. This certification exam will help you get in-depth knowledge about both developer and customer sight. It will also give an overview of the functions. It is not essential to have a technical background in the Salesforce platform.   


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